How to plan social media content

As we’ve already discussed the importance of having a social content plan in place, let’s go back and take a look at the initial planning that goes into creating social media content for an existing brand.

When a viewer lands on a professional social media feed, the aim of the game is for brand recognition to be instant, from the overall aesthetic of the feed to the individual post and the use of language. When we began working with one of our latest clients, Blaze Birmingham; the flagship studio of David Lloyd’s original workout concept, we ensured we took the time to really know and understand the brand, its core values and target audience members. It’s crucial that with any changeover in social media management, it’s as seamless as possible and that the voice of the brand remains fluid and authentic throughout.

Adequate planning time is needed to ensure you cultivate a meaningful social media feed and create impactful social media assets that drive conversion and turn consumers into brand fans.

Reviewing brand assets

In order to successfully plan social media content, it’s a good idea to know what you’re working with. First things first, reviewing Blaze Birmingham’s current bank of assets allowed us to understand what we had to work with and the direction of the content creation process, but also how we could breathe new life into existing assets through new content themes and angles.

This meant looking at everything such as the existing imagery, brand colours, logos, fonts and house style so that the aesthetic of the feed is a true reflection of the brand.

Create a brand calendar

Mapping out a social content calendar is essential for creating a plan for social media content, ensuring your content is meeting the interests of the audience members and is also helping reaffirm the business objectives behind the brand. By outlining key brand pillars this allows you to build a framework and a collation of social posts that work to reinforce them.

For Blaze Birmingham we outlined key brand pillars that we knew would really appeal to the target market, from the location of the studio in the city of Birmingham, to the ‘Blaze Tribe’ community at the heart of the brand.

Content creation

Once existing assets have been assessed and a content calendar established, it’s time for the fun part, content creation! For Blaze Birmingham we create compelling social media feed posts that work to both communicate each key brand pillar and also reinforce the overall brand aesthetic.

For the account another key content element is the Instagram story feature, which is utilised to communicate to followers the different themed workouts in the monthly schedule. We post daily Instagram to pique followers’ interests and keep the Blaze Birmingham page at the forefront of their Instagram story timeline (click here to discover how to maximise your use of Instagram stories to the fullest).

For more social media tips and tricks, check out our blog on How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Brand or ‘Why you Should be Advertising on Social Media’.

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