How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Brand

There’s no denying that, when used to its full potential, Instagram is an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. It allows brands to interact with existing customers and attract new ones. It even helps businesses generate sales through built-in features like the Instagram Shop (click here to discover how to use it). However, in order to engage audiences successfully, it all comes down to one thing. Your Instagram aesthetic.

The aesthetic is the first thing potential customers will notice when landing on your Instagram feed. The colours, layout, design and overall mood of your feed must work in harmony to determine whether you’ll gain a new follower or send them swiping in the other direction.

A distinctive and cohesive Instagram feed is not just pleasing on the eye, but it works to establish brand recognition, convey your brand’s personality, and ultimately turn users into brand fans.

Using our client, fitness equipment provider Pulse Fitness’ feed as an example, let’s take a look at six simple steps to a seamless Instagram aesthetic:

1. Establish your brand audience

Each post on your Instagram feed fits together to give audiences a sense of who you are and what makes your brand stand out. It’s therefore crucial to establish your target audience as a first step.

Once you identify who you want to see your content, forming your brand aesthetic will be easy. 

As an equipment provider, Pulse’s content should work to engage with fitness facility owners as a primary target market. But it’s important not to rule out a secondary audience, such as PTs or fitness fans. Creating a feed that appeals to both your primary and secondary audience is your ticket to success.

2. Decide your content pillars

Once you’ve established your audience, next up are your core values which will form your content pillars –themes which encompass your brand ideologies. Build your Instagram feed around these and in-turn build a stronger, more engaged audience.

Content pillars such as ‘equipment’, ‘fitness’, ‘health’, and ‘lifestyle’ work to guide the specific content created for Pulse’s feed.

3. Find your colour palette

Colour is the first thing users will register when looking at your Instagram feed. So, it’s important to decide on a few complementary colours that will form your brand colour palette and stick to it. Not only will you create a visually-appealing and cohesive feed, but you’ll have more room for creativity with several colours to play with.

Despite the content being a culmination of text posts, equipment shots and lifestyle imagery, you’ll notice tonally that Pulse’s feed adheres to a specific colour palette.

4. Nail the typography

Aside from choosing your colour scheme, it’s also important to ensure that your typography is on point. The right fonts help convey your brand personality and build consistency into your Instagram feed.

With Pulse being a fitness equipment provider, a cursive font style would not sit right. Instead, Pulse’s content interchanges between two bold and impactful font styles which reflect the tone of the brand.

5. Get creative with your content

Creating diverse Instagram content is essential for keeping followers engaged. Experiment with brand images, custom-made graphics, and premium stock photography to create an immaculate and professional aesthetic. There are also many free design platforms, like Canva, that can help bring your brand imagery to life.

Rather than just posting equipment photo after equipment photo, Pulse’s feed is kept fresh and exciting with other insightful content, such as fitness and lifestyle themed posts and slick lifestyle shots of people using the kit.

6. Plan the perfect layout

Once you’ve nailed the look and feel of your Instagram feed, the final step is to plan ahead. By carefully planning out your feed, you produce a well-thought-out overall aesthetic.

Think of Pulse’s Instagram feed as a jigsaw. A dark text image would not look right next to or on top of another, nor would three pictures of the same piece of kit in a row. It’s all about planning your feed so you can visualise how the posts will sit together before they are uploaded for the world to see.

You now have yourself a distinctive and cohesive feed, but who says you should stop there? Instagram Stories also offer another medium to form an aesthetic and connect with brand fans and customers. The added benefit of this tool is all the easy-to-use features which allow you to really engage with audiences. We’ve even put together this handy blog post to help you get started.

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