Maximising Instagram for your Business

Instagram is not just for sharing your latest selfie or holiday snap, it’s also an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. The platform has around 800 million active monthly users, 25 million of whom are business accounts. Despite its current popularity, businesses have yet to maximise its potential to engage current customers and attract new ones.

With this in mind, here are some tricks of the trade to help you make the most of your business Instagram account.

Engage, don’t just promote

Whilst your page is obviously an opportunity to promote your brand, it is important you use it as a platform for engaging with consumers, rather than simply pushing your products in their faces. As tempting as this can be, it can easily put people off. Think about incorporating branded fonts or colours into your pictures and use a specific tone in the captions to represent your brand. Then use the actual posts to share funny captions, ask questions and offer insights. Remember, it’s about building up a personality for your brand so followers enjoy seeing your content, without seeming self-promotional.

Keep your enemies close

Competitors can be a great source of #inspo, so keep tabs on them! Research what they are doing in the space, what they are talking about and the sort of images they are sharing. As well as helping you to understand more about what you are up against, this can be a great source of learning for you around what the target demographic responds well to and what they don’t.  Armed with this knowledge, you’re all set to do a better job than your competition….

Share in real time

Instagram stories are the best way to engage with followers on a day-to-day basis. They provide the opportunity to offer behind-the-scenes access, give customers sneak peeks at new products and share real time news, like flash sales. They also provide the chance to drive followers to your website by adding linkbacks. One of the best tactics for building brand engagement is by resharing stories that your followers have tagged you in. It’s amazing how much of a relationship-builder this can be as your fans feel a connection with you. What’s more, stories sit at the top of the feed, so they’re easily noticeable and not impacted in the same way by the algorithm. You’d be surprised just how many people will see them!

Hashtag for days

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, we highly recommend using many of the 30 hashtags that you’re allowed on Instagram. Be sure the tags are relevant to your posts and brand and that they are worth including. It can look messy to use too many in one post, so consider putting a couple of tags in your primary post and follow up with a comment that includes additional ones. Maximising hashtags will help your brand pop up when people are looking for relevant topics and content.

Extend your reach

Instagram has the most engagement of all the social sites, making it the perfect platform for advertising. Previously, only people following your account would see your photos and updates. But now brands can promote these to anyone within their target audience. Instagram advertisement is comparatively cheap and one of the best paid-advertisement options.

We’ve created multiple Instagram accounts for clients, writing content, increasing followings and monitoring promoted posts. Check out @mihabodytec_uk @goshfreefrom and @austerfit for some examples. If you’re not sure how to maximise the effectiveness of your Instagram account, we can help.  Get in touch!

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