Why you should be advertising on social media

Advertising on social media can be an efficient way of gaining more customers and making more sales. Social advertising is a cost-effective way of targeting new customers, testing a variety of creative strategies and trialling acquisition methods with ads from as little as £10. Typically Instagram and Facebook are the platforms of choice, but is TikTok a new contender?

Here is our guide to understanding social media terms, and why you should be advertising on social media:

Commonly used social media terms

Followers – How many people have clicked to ‘follow’ your page, receiving notifications when you post

Reach – The total number of people who have seen your content

Impressions – The total number of times our content is displayed (can be viewed by the same person multiple times)

Engagements – The total number of people who have engaged with content, either by liking, commenting, replying, sharing etc

Organic view – Someone has seen/engaged with content naturally. It aligns with their interest or their friends interests

Unique Views – Total number of individual persons seeing content/pages

A/B Test – Creative ad strategy which compares two ads/audiences/delivery methods to see which is the most effective

CPC – Cost Per Click, how much the ad cost you for each click on it. The lower the CPC the better.

Benefits of advertising on social media

Reach more people, and people outside your current follower base

Social media algorithms typically seed content to a small percentage of your followers. The better that content does with them in terms of engagement, the more people it shows it to. If you have low engagement levels, then social advertising will help boost your content to more people. It will also help send people to your page, increasing the engagement levels of your other posts organically. Click here to see some recent content we shot for Built For Athletes for their social media. It is a great way of reaching more people with your content, especially if you have done a photoshoot, or designed content specifically for social media.

When we created the Gosh! Kindness Cafe, we wanted as many people as possible to come down, pledge their act of kindness and receive their free plant-based meal. Along with a robust PR outreach to journalists, we ran boosted social media posts to reach as many people as possible. We had thousands of people turn up, so it was an incredible success.

Simple, low cost, and includes analysis

You can run ads from as little as £10, and you can analyse the ads performance easily. Advertising on social media is made extremely easy with the built-in tools of ad creation, running and analysis of basic ads. You can select audiences based on their location, age, interests etc and have track ads performance throughout its life. This enables you to change strategy, increase or decrease budget at the click of a few buttons. You can even set daily, or lifetime budgets, so you never spend more than you want to.

Social advertising is tailored to your objective

Ads run on social can be targeted to specific people. People who regularly engage with ads on social media will be marked as an ‘engager’, whereas people who may watch the entirety of a video ad, but not necessarily engage with it, will be marked as an ‘observer’. You can choose to target these people separately; to maximise either engagement or entire length video views, for example.

If you’re running a competition on social media, where one of the entry criteria is to follow your page, you want maximum engagement. If you have created a beautiful video ad with in-depth knowledge and information on your product, you want people to watch the ad in its entirety. So you have some options with the types of user you can target.

As with all advertising… you have to stand out

If you want help advertising on social media, creating profitable, eye-catching adverts delivered to the exact audience you want to target, then get in touch: info@action-group.co.uk – we do bespoke social advertising packages to help you stand out in the crowd.

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