Gosh! Kindness Cafe: An Ambitious Project with a Simple Message

Gosh! Kindness Cafe

Last year we executed a very ambitious piece of experiential activity for our client Gosh! a free-from, plant based food brand. 

With the increased demand for the brands we consume to be kinder to the planet, we wanted to reinforce this message to extend to the very heart and DNA of the brand itself, and how we interact with consumers. 

To promote a kinder way of acting within our communities, we launched the inaugural Gosh! Kindness Cafe. An ambitious project with a simple message – to pledge an act of kindness in return for a free lunch that is kind to your body. 

Gosh! Kindness Cafe

We had over 6,000 pledges and served over 7,000 lunches last year across three locations – London, Liverpool and Dublin. Building on the success of 2018, this year we launch across six locations , launching in Shoreditch, London on Friday 28th June, travelling on to Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Dublin. 

Follow our journey and get involved by pledging your own act of kindness, or visiting us as we tour the country, here: https://kindnesscafe.goshfood.com/ 


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