Why it’s important to have a social content plan

We’ve learnt why having an on-brand Instagram aesthetic is extremely important for helping display brand personality and present a professional looking feed. But social media content needs to be more than just pleasing on the eye. It needs to support your broader marketing goals, tell customers your brand story, and essentially act as a shop front window for your brand. Which is why having a social content plan and well-thought-out social media strategy in place is so important. There is meaning behind the phrase ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

As a brand, putting a social content plan in place will ensure that your social media efforts have purpose and direction. By using this strategy to map out your social content calendar, you can outline the key brand pillars you want to convey and subsequently curate social posts which work to reinforce them. Ideally planning a month in advance will allow you enough time to pinpoint notable activity during that month and curate any ‘firework’ content you want to wow followers with.

Here are the five main reasons why you should plan ahead for social success, and start your social content plan now:  

1. Helps to keep you organised and on track

Following a social content calendar will also give you a clearer perspective of your overall marketing strategy. Say you have an email marketing campaign launching about a brand-new product, you can then line this up with a series of social posts to generate noise about the launch.

Even just a quick scroll on Instagram can have little light bulbs going off in your head. By keeping a social content plan, it allows you to jot down any ideas or sources of inspiration to then formulate these into fresh content.

2. Keeps your audience engaged

As we know very well, content is king and the four fundamentals of content marketing are to educate, entertain, inspire and engage. By maintaining a solid plan, you can ensure post after post that you are ticking these objectives and keeping your audience where you want them.

Being organised will also stop you from the dreaded realisation that you’re due to post that day, panicking and posting any old rubbish you can find, risking losing audience interest and maybe even a few followers.

3. Helps you stay on top of the dates that matter

Awareness day themed campaigns are a brilliant way to elevate a brand and promote its work. By planning ahead and creating special themed content, you can not only show that your brand is abreast with the times but demonstrate that you care about the key dates that matter to your customers and brand followers.

When lots of things are happening within a business, it can be easy for these important dates to slip from mind. By always looking a month ahead, you can map out the key activity and ensure you’ve planned some killer content to celebrate.

4. Informs your social media advertising plan

As we all know, advertising on social media should be an essential consideration for a brand (and if you didn’t know that, click here to find out why). A social media content calendar can help you identify your noteworthy content pieces to then use them in your paid social media advertising strategy.

As a rule of thumb, you should pick your best performing organic content to put some spend behind. By keeping a content calendar, you can visually identify what worked well and what didn’t to inform where your money is being spent.

5. Keeps you on track with your performance

A final point is that evaluating the success of your content is in fact just as important as planning it out in the first place. By keeping track of your metrics in handy monthly reports, you can assess your content strategy to ensure that your efforts aren’t going to waste, but most importantly so that you’re giving your audiences the content they want and need. 

Although you’re now prepped for success, your social media education doesn’t need to stop here. Why not check out some of our other social how-to blogs, such as how to generate business sales via Instagram and why Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for business

Or if you’d like some expert social media support, we can help. Just get in touch via info@action-group.co.uk.

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