BLAZE – A full service approach

At Action Group, we pride ourselves on being a full service agency. From PR and events, to advertising and content creation, to commercial consultancy and even utilising our own in-house fitness modelling agency, Action Models. Our team is built up of talented individuals with specialist expertise and unique skillsets to match each of the different disciplines we offer.

What often happens when we start working with a client is that our offering expands over time. We are able to provide them a bolt-on services solution. One prime example of this is with our client BLAZE Studio Birmingham, the flagship studio of David Lloyd’s original group HIIT class: BLAZE.

Let us take you through the various services we provide for BLAZE Birmingham:

Social Media Account Management

Having a brand social media strategy in place has never been more important. For BLAZE Birmingham we manage the entire social media output across Instagram and Facebook. We create engaging content from scratch, build full content plans, manage the accounts daily and monitor the performance analytics.

Establishing a recognisable brand aesthetic is the key to nailing content creation. We incorporate BLAZE brand assets such as logos and typography, so that each design contributes to building a succinct feed. Whilst the content visual is incredibly important, it means nothing without a robust content plan in place, which allows you to tell your brand story. You can learn more about how we plan out BLAZE Birmingham’s social content by reading this post.

Another key element of social account management is maintaining an active presence on the social feeds and using them for community engagement. These channels are a key outlet for connecting with customers and cultivating a brand community, or #BLAZETribe as they are known to BLAZE Birmingham. We do this through resharing followers’ tagged content via Instagram stories, liking/commenting on their content and hosting UGC competitions to reward them for their engagement with the brand.

Email Marketing

One of the most important tools to reach customers is email communications. Email databases typically consist of current customers, prospective customers and former customers. For BLAZE we want to inform the audience of the amazing music weeks, speciality workouts and events going on in the studio. This directly influences class occupancy rates and membership sales. We write the weekly newsletter content that gets sent to the BLAZE mailing list, as well as frequent campaigns to the surrounding David Lloyd clubs to inform them of our activity.


Here at Action, we regularly host events either with, or on behalf of our clients, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. A notable event we hosted with BLAZE Birmingham was the BLAZE Re-launch Party back in October. We helped secure a guest list made up of David Lloyd industry professionals, local Birmingham media and notable Birmingham-based influencers across fitness, wellness and lifestyle sectors. The event was a huge success and established BLAZE Birmingham as being back and better than ever in the wake of several studio closures due to Covid restrictions.

You can check out some other awesome client events we have hosted here and here.

PR and influencer marketing

To help further elevate the BLAZE brand in Birmingham, local PR outreach is also part of our remit. We invite the local media to events, workouts and parties, and we make sure they know all about what is happening in the BLAZE studio.

It would be remiss to not acknowledge the power of influencers for driving brand awareness and increasing brand credibility. For BLAZE Birmingham, we identify and establish relationships with Birmingham-based influencers to offer them studio visits in exchange for their stamp of accreditation. With influencers who’ve attended previous events and newly discovered influencers, it’s all about maintaining these relationships to encourage continued support of the BLAZE Birmingham brand.

If your brand is in need of service solutions, we are more than equipped to help and to ensure you deliver on your business goals. Get in touch at

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