Why Augmented Reality is the next frontier in virtual fitness

Meet A.L.F.I –  the latest and greatest development in virtual fitness – an Avatar Led Fitness Instructor.

Yes, you heard right – an Avatar. No, it’s not bright blue with an extra-terrestrial tail – but it could be. In fact, it can wear any ‘skin’ you want it to. Psychedelic fitness doesn’t get much better than this.

But why an Avatar, and why now?

In a nutshell, virtual fitness is not a new entity. Sure, the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been a catalyst for the market to welcome a plethora of new on-demand fitness offerings, but how many of these are truly technologically innovative and cutting edge?

Whilst many fitness and tech companies have been dabbling in virtual reality equipment, the real juggernauts of these industries have been squirreling away and focusing their attentions on augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Simply put, using motion capture, AR technology overlays digital content onto the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you, in your own space. It means that the lines between the virtual world and the real world are about to become infinitely more blurred and therefore more exciting.

And in 2021, Google, Microsoft and Apple will all look to launch their own versions of futuristic AR and VR compatible glasses, so users simply have to put on a pair of the specialist optics in order to have AR digital worlds right in front of them.

So techies love it, but why are fitness buffs getting involved?

Love it or hate it – the answer is simple: content is king (as our previous blog post on this topic points out…). We consume new images, products and experiences at the speed of light these days – which means the brands who bring something new to the table consistently and successfully, are the ones shaping the future. Not just that, but you only have to look at the success of social engagement revolutionaries like Fortnite to understand that combining high-quality content and the newest tech – which are used in a cross-platform capacity whilst inviting human experience on a mass scale – is shaping our culture.

Designed by the team behind the Hackney-based boutique fitness brand, The Refinery, the goal of the ALFI app is uber personalisation. Which is another winning formula for successful brands – as showcased by the EXi programme (you can read about its tailored fitness prescription algorithm here). In short, the ALFI app is a fitness experience; a space where users can be creative with what they want their avatar to look like, what type of exercise class they do and even what music they want to listen to (the app seamlessly integrating to each user’s Spotify).

This is the most progressive and futuristic form of fitness on the market, with workouts that are designed by humans but led by avatars, meaning it is inclusive, non-threatening and accessible – not to mention cutting edge.

Our work with ALFI

Is only just beginning…

We are supporting the team at The Refinery to launch ALFI in the next few weeks. With everything from social media content, press releases and ambitious activations in the pipeline, our Instagram will be teasing the launch here, so stay tuned.

If you have a new digital fitness idea and would like consultancy, design support or PR to launch your brand, please get in touch with us by contacting: info@action-group.co.uk

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