Why it’s time to view physical activity differently

Picture this….your BMI is over 30, you’ve struggled with your weight all your life and nothing on the horizon will likely give you the motivation for a lifestyle overhaul that you desperately need. And for good measure, the PM is now telling you that you need to lose weight otherwise Coronavirus may well get the better of you.

Chances are that if you work in the fitness industry, you’re probably a beacon of health and therefore not best positioned to really understand the challenges of an obese person who may be on their very own personal journey to lose weight. But it does feel that this is a pivotal moment in time whereby some serious resources and attention is being thrown behind the issue. This is all great. BUT, and there is a big but here…..you can’t just look at obesity in isolation which is what the recent government obesity strategy seems to have done. The conversation needs to be expanded to include so many other contributing factors, including exercise. Enter the role of physical activity, not just as a means to tackle obesity, but to more broadly better all our lives.

Our work with EXi

Recently the Action PR team have had the pleasure of working with EXi – a pioneering App that creates prescribed exercise programmes for anybody – but most crucially for those leading a sedentary lifestyle and those suffering from a long list of chronic conditions. What the lovely team at EXi will tell you, is that as a nation, 40% of people don’t undertake the recommended amount of physical activity, and 85% of people are not in anyway engaged with the fitness industry. These are big, big numbers, and EXi will point to the very real and urgent need for a complete shift in mindset in order for the public, healthcare professionals and politicos to establish a fundamental change in the way physical activity is viewed.

When we say physical activity, we’re not talking 21 straight days of hot yoga or half marathons – we’re talking 30 mins of moderate exercise five times a week.

The value that prescribed physical activity could bring to the market is of epic proportions. The Department of Health openly recommends activity as an intervention, and when you consider that in clinical trials, prescribed activity has performed equally as well as drugs, then the saving for the NHS could be through the roof. What we need to see happen is at the point of care, that patients, even before the point of diagnoses, are given an easy automated system to kickstart their physical activity.

When you say it like that, it sounds simple, and yet we all know very well that tackling the health crisis is complex and will never happen overnight. EXi has the potential to be a real game changer, and when you consider that no amount of drugs can ever replicate the same physiological effects that exercise has on the body, isn’t it time we all took physical activity a little more seriously for our long terms health, not just the short term gains?!

So if there’s one thing I want to impress on you, it’s to not view exercise as a means to look awesome or feel great as of now. Do it for the version of you who in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time will look back and thank you for every time you went out and moved your body (or stayed in and worked out of course, because, well, Covid!).

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