Relaunching Porchester Spa for Everyone Active

Porchester Spa

Last year, the historic Porchester Spa underwent a complete transformation to restore it back to its former 1920’s glory.

Wanting to celebrate, our client Everyone Active turned to us for support on how we could mark the occasion. After much consideration, we suggested that Everyone Active should host an exclusive event giving top tier London journalists and influencers a sneak-peak prior to the official opening. The event itself comprised of a wonderfully relaxed evening of spa treatments, sauna and steam sessions, nibbles, bubbles and networking. Only the very brave dared to try the facility’s plunge pool we might add!

Working with the Porchester Spa team, we came up with a list of our very best express treatments for our media and bloggers to try on the night to showcase the talent and expertise of the Spa’s therapists.

Our next job was to do our research and ensure we had a carefully curated guest-list of relevant media and bloggers. We reached out London media and influencers from right across the health, wellness and beauty sectors and our final guest list included journalists from On In London and The Resident as well as influencers such as Two Brits.

No event is complete without great refreshments. In keeping with the evening, we sourced a range of healthy snacks and canapés including healthy wraps, crudités and delicious plant-based food from our client, Gosh! including its famous falafels and other plant-based bites.

Each attendee also received a beautifully curated health and wellness goody bag. We liaised with a range of relevant brands such as Rescue Remedy, Skin Genius, Boundless Nutrition Bars and Zero (a vegan skin care brand) amongst numerous others to provide items on the night in exchange for social media coverage. Each guest also received information about the variety of brands with their relevant social media handles for tagging. Something that is important when considering doing an event, is how much support you can give and receive from third party brands. An event is always infinitely more successful if other brands are sharing your content, your achievements and if you’re creating long-lasting business relationships as a result of this. This can certainly be said for this event as we managed to use certain brands and products for future events and social collaborations we did for other clients – a win-win situation.

The night was great success, with our attendees learning about the history of the Spa and the chance to try out the facilities for themselves, with all guests posting about the event on the night to generate buzz around the new spa. The event also resulted in a lovely review from On In London as well as exposing whole new audiences to the spa across social media.

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