Why having fresh content is essential

Content is king. It has never been easier for potential customers to see more of your business. From on the computer at home, to being targeted by adverts on social media whilst browsing during the commute. Potential customers can be anywhere in the world and visit your website and social media channels, find articles you’ve been featured in, read reviews that have been written about you, watch videos you have produced and keep up-to-date with your news. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages – the internet and the smartphones we carry in our pockets have made it entirely redundant.  

This is why content is king. Your business is on show 24/7, 365 days a year. If you don’t have fresh content that is up-to-date, then you’ll be left behind.  

Case study example – Coronavirus 

Gyms began reopening from the end of July after a four-month closure. Members will have been informed that their gym is back open and encouraging them to return. While guidelines are slowly being relaxed but many people will still not be confident about placing themselves in potentially vulnerable situations. A previously packed, hot, sweaty gym is probably not high on many peoples’ lists of ‘safe places’ to go. The gym environment may be completely different now, but without a picture or video, how will people know? How many people are really reading every single word of their ‘welcome back’ email? And for prospective members, they would not receive the email at all. They may happen to find the dedicated page on your website, but if it is a long text document they will probably stop reading pretty quickly.  

Cue the content

A well-executed and shot photoshoot or video will show safety precautions, booking mechanics, one-way systems and other protocols much more effectively. Content can be used across your website and social media channels to show current and prospective members the steps you are taking to ensure their safety.  

A recent content shoot we did for our client Everyone Active, highlighted all the safety procedures they have put in place to maximise their members’ wellbeing. We organised the models, photo and videographer, voiceover and put together an incredible video for their gym and swim offering. 

The video went on their website, social channels and it was also sent directly to customers, who have returned en masse (socially distanced of course).  

Pandemic aside 

Customers are savvy. They want to see new products in new settings, being used in new ways. For a recent project we did with rugged backpack manufacturer Built For Athletes, we took our photoshoot to the beach. We showed off the rugged-dependability in a new setting. This gave the images a new look and feel, rather than just their usual rugged indoor-gym setting, it was outdoors getting dirty, sandy and wet.  Perhaps this caught the attention of some outdoor enthusiasts who had never seen the bags before, or passed them off as a gym-only bag. 

Fresh content is key in keeping your brand fresh, up-to-date and in line with the times. The world is a fast-changing place, and what was accepted just a couple of years ago may not be now. A bank of images and assets is a great thing to have, but only if they are relevant and can be used.  

If you would like to have a photoshoot or video shoot, or perhaps you are interested in some consultancy to see where your business needs support or improvements, get in contact with us: info@action-group.co.uk 

We can organise models, photographer, location and editing, delivering a stunning piece of relevant, fresh content. We are experts in the health, fitness and wellness field – so whatever you need, we can provide it.

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