Understanding Social Media Terms and Stats

Social media terms can be confusing. Unless you spend time doing regular social media back-end work like reporting and analysis, like we do, then the chances are you might not be entirely sure what the terms mean. We run social media accounts for many of our clients, and having a presence on social media is more important than ever. Our previous blog looks at why it is so key to have regularly updated, engaged social channels, you can read that here. Instagram can be a great way of speaking to your customers, and stories can be a powerful tool for business to use too, read more about their power here.

Social statistics and reporting are particularly important when doing social media advertising, a service we offer to all our clients. Advertising comes in many forms, encouraging people to click to your website, buy products directly, app downloads, follow your page etc.

If you need help advertising on social media, creating content, or simply growing your following, then contact us: info@action-group.co.uk

Here is a quick cheat sheet explaining the social stats terms in layman’s words.

Reach – The total number of people who have seen your content

Engagements – The total number of people who have engaged with content, either by liking, commenting, replying, sharing etc

Followers – How many people have clicked to ‘follow’ your page. This means they will be able to see when you post

Impressions – The total number of times your content is displayed. This means it can be viewed by the same person multiple times, making an ‘impression’ on that person multiple times

Unique Views – Total number of individual persons seeing content/pages. By comparing unique views to impressions, you can see the number of people who have been re-targeted with an advertisement

Organic view – Someone has seen/engaged with content naturally. It aligns with their interest or their friend’s interests. In the case of social advertising, this means the person has come across your content without having it ‘served’ to them at a cost to you

Inorganic (paid for) – Someone has been targeted with your content through paid social advertising

CPM – This means Cost Per Mille (thousand). Which means how much it has cost you to deliver an advertisement per thousand people

Algorithm – You may hear this word being used and not quite understand exactly what it means. Social platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube, use an algorithm to share content. Typically Instagram only shares your posts to around 10% of your audience, the better the post does in terms of engagement, the more it gets shared to other followers. Unfortunately this doesn’t just mean likes, but comments and shares too. People need to be actively engaged with your content, sharing and commenting, not just liking, for it to get far and wide.

If you need help advertising on social media, creating content, or simply growing your following, then contact us: info@action-group.co.uk

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