Working with Diana Moran to drive awareness for Marodyne LiV

Celebrity ambassadors are the jewel in the crown for a PR campaign with a famous face able to bring a campaign to life. Choosing the right ambassador takes skill and, having secured their interest, managing their engagement, maximising their potential and protecting their reputation and integrity takes more than a little planning.

Here at Action Group, we have worked with many high-profile people as diverse as Max Whitlock and Matthew Reeve, Becky Adlington and Alexandra Burke. All fantastic in their own fields, working with them to best effect has taught us a few things along the way.  Our insight is here, followed by a summary of a campaign where we had the absolute honour of working with the UK’s first lady of fitness Diana Moran (aka the Green Goddess), an ambassador for our client whose low intensity vibration training device prevents and manages osteoporosis.

Before we get to Diana, here are some tricks of the trade when working with celebrity ambassadors:

Ensure they are a natural fit

A successful ambassador relationship will be one where they are a natural fit with your client’s product or service.  A ‘pretty face’ alone won’t sway the media: a genuine connection is needed to give your campaign a strong news hook, integrity and sincerity.  Establishing why your celebrity is involved and their personal link to your client’s brand or cause will make your campaign authentic and believable.

Don’t let the campaign rest on their shoulders

A celebrity ambassador will attract attention to your client’s work, but they can’t make a weak story strong, nor a dull product exciting.  They are the finishing touch – the highlighter, not the foundation; the icing, not the cake – so don’t rely on a famous face to cover up a campaign that is otherwise lacking.

Let them be themselves

Personalities are just that – personalities.  This is what makes them stand out so don’t look to change them to ‘fit’ your campaign’s look or message.  Their personality and familiarity to their fans and followers is what will draw people to your client.  Let them do what they do best and if you think you need to change them in any way, you’ve got the wrong person in mind for the job!

Respect them

Celebrities are people not commodities so respect their preferences and wishes.  Take time to get to know their likes/dislikes, any media they prefer not to speak to, any subjects that are ‘off limits’ and any concerns they may have.  Showing them respect is not only polite, it will also give them confidence and trust in you.

Brief them well

Ensure your ambassador is fully briefed about your client’s product or service and that they have tried it themselves so they can genuinely speak from experience.  They should have a clear understanding of the product’s purpose and aims and be able to explain these.  Prepare key messages and rehearse these – but let them express things in their own words and style.  Apart from being authentic – it’s easier for them to recall and repeat in interview situations! 

Diana Moran – a model ambassador

A perfect lady and an absolute pro, Diana has helped raise awareness of Marodyne LiV as a treatment for osteoporosis among one of its prime target audiences of women aged 70+.  Her personal reason for working with us is her own experience of osteopenia (the condition which precedes osteoporosis) meaning she knows first-hand how it feels to live with this disease.  The original TV fitness star who graced our screens from the 1980s, Diana has kept incredibly fit and well throughout the decade and advocates gentle exercise to older people. She has written books and given talks aplenty on the subject and she even returned to our TV screens during lockdown to encourage older people to keep active. Thus her connection to our target audience is strong.

Diana has a refreshing optimism and sparkle about her which is highly engaging.  She is beautifully articulate and has a warm personality.  These are perfect attributes when explaining the positivity and opportunity people have to improve their bone health.  Her disarming style replaces any worry with encouragement and warmth.  Diana uses Marodyne LiV every day at home herself, making her both genuine and credible.  Highly professional, she stays on message but expresses things her way.  Diana’s description of the sensation of Marodyne LiV as like a ‘large purring cat’ was better than any line we had!  

So far, she has appeared in Saga, Choice, Live To 100 and the Telegraph Healthcare Innovations among many others. Her use of the device helps us start conversations with media and leads and sales from the pieces where she appears are significant.  

As a literal foot note, it’s Diana standing on the Marodyne LiV in this image used widely in press.  She is a model ambassador in more ways than one!

If you’d like to raise the profile of your brand ambassador or think you could use a little celebrity sparkle, contact us at

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