Ten ways to maximise a corporate anniversary campaign

Everyone Active 30 years fit

What do organisations like LinkedIn, AirBnB, Tokyo Disneyland and even some of our clients like Swimming Nature, Future Fit Training and Active IQ all have in common? Well, 2018 marks a milestone anniversary for all of them.

For years, organisations of all shapes and sizes have been celebrating when their company reaches a key milestone whether it is their five, 10 or 50 year anniversary. These commemorations offer a unique chance for companies to attract attention beyond their core customer base.  An anniversary is your chance to talk about why you started your business in the first place, where you’ve been, what you do, what makes you different and an opportunity to thank employees and clients who’ve helped you reach this milestone. So how can you make sure you’re maximising your organisation’s big birthday?

Start by deciding what you want to accomplish

Depending on what you hope to accomplish with your campaign will determine how you market it. For instance, do you want more people to know about your organisation’s history? Then why not develop a timeline, a shareable infographic or create a video showing where your company has come from to where it is today. Or perhaps you want to position your organisation as thought leader by looking to the future?

Build up a good bank of content

The lead-up to an anniversary is a great time to gather and catalogue your company’s assets from over the years. Go through your old storage cases for photos, old brochures and campaigns, etc. Send a survey to your past and current clients asking them to share memorable stories. Interview some of your first or longstanding employees. Then share what you’ve gathered. Putting this out across your social media channels can be a great way for your stories to be seen by your community.

Say thank you with a party

A corporate anniversary party is the perfect way to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication. It’s also a great morale booster and a chance for your employees to really understand where the business has come from and where you are heading next. For example, our client Active IQ is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year and we were lucky enough to attend its staff afternoon tea party. As well as eating lots of cake it was a lovely chance for employees to get together and hear old stories of how the company started out with just three employees and grow to a team of 50 strong! Don’t forget it’s not just about your employees though, you could also host a separate event to thank your clients and supporters.

Launch something new to celebrate

Celebrating a key milestone can be a great time to launch a new product or perhaps a new feature to your existing product. For instance, when Facebook turned ten, it launched a new feature: the personalised Look Back Video. This beloved feature was soon followed by more video features such as personalised videos celebrating birthdays and friendships.

Make a video

Why not produce a video that tells your story and talks about your values, shows highlights from your years in business, projects you’ve delivered, special moments or stories and what makes you different?

When our client Everyone Active turned 30 last year, we created a fun campaign celebrating fitness throughout the last three decades. The video captured the essence of the brand and whilst it has seen fitness fashions come and go, one thing that hasn’t changed is it’s dedication to helping people enjoy getting fit and active.

Create some branding

Creating a special anniversary logo (and tagline) to mark major milestones can be another great way to really maximise your birthday and to remind people.  Add it to your website, your stationery, your email signature and signage in your office.

Speak to key media

Send out a news release that highlights your important milestone – and why it matters to your community or industry. It’s also worth speaking to key media, particularly if your organisation has an interesting history and you’re able to offer insight you’ve learnt along the way: they might be interested in running an interview with your CEO.


Taking out an advertorial in one or two key magazines for your business is another smart way to really maximise your organisation’s anniversary. An advertorial might give you the chance to really tell your company’s history and what’s next in a way that editorial opportunities might not as you’ll have 100% control over the copy. When our client Swimming Nature turned 25 this year we did exactly that.

Create a hashtag

These days, a hashtag is a no-brainer—especially when promoting your company anniversary on social media.

An anniversary hashtag can be as simple as #[companyname][year] , or something a little more creative, depending on your goals.

For the 60th anniversary of LEGO’s patent on the self-locking brick system the toy manufacturer used #HappyBirthdayBrick, which highlights the product and rolls off the tongue smoothly.

Lego Birthday Brick
image: LEGO Instagram

LEGO’s #HappyBirthdayBrick became a yearlong campaign that enabled a dialogue, not just around the anniversary but for creators young and old to connect and share their love for LEGO.

image: LEGO Instagram

The hashtag started a movement that yielded LEGO social media content for use both during and after its anniversary year.

Finally, make sure your activity is aligned

It’s really important to ensure your social media, PR and marketing activity are all talking about the anniversary at the same time to maximise the potential.

Is your company celebrating a major milestone soon? Not sure what to do? Get in touch. We can help.

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