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PR can come in many guises. When new ‘news’ isn’t available, we ensure that our clients achieve awareness and a PR boost in other areas of their business. In fact, one of the first questions a public relations professional will ask when they start working with a new client is; ‘Do you have any experts/ambassadors?’.

Experts are really critical in the UK media landscape because press love to hear from leading authorities in their chosen field. Fortunately for us at Action Group, we work with some of the UK’s best fitness, health and wellness experts.

One such superstar client is Ten Health & Fitness. Ten is one of the pioneers of the boutique fitness sector and London’s only premium provider to bridge the gap between the world of fitness and the medical sector. Ten’s incredibly versatile team includes fitness trainers and PTs as well as specialised physios, massage therapists and even clinical exercise scientists. For this reason, we have a whole host of experts who we propel into the media-limelight from Ten Health & Fitness.

We utilise Ten’s experts in many different ways:

Bespoke Commentary:

This can vary from PTs giving expert guidance on workout regimes and how to properly perform exercise movements and sequences, to more nuanced advice from specialist instructors on how to incorporate the mind-body connection for a more in-depth and sustainable low impact workout, for example. We usually work with press to answer a particular question or to provide more thorough understanding of a particular subject, with the expert’s experience guiding the article. For example, we recently worked with Head of PT at Ten, Philip Leonard to answer this Men’s Health article; Best Leg Day Exercises.

Feature Media Releases:

This is where we work with the experts to craft a full feature surrounding a newsworthy health and fitness topic. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, many people were having to work from home in scenarios that mean they are having serious neck and back pain from workstations. For this reason, we created and proactively pitched a set of expert tips and exercises from Ten’s physios on how to avoid this. Lifestyle titles such as Hip&Healthy featured the comments with great interest. 

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Activations and Events:

Reading tips and insights from experts is great but experiencing them first-hand is even better! We have created and led events for clients which give consumers and press the opportunity to see these experts in action. For example, pre-lockdown, Ten would run foam-rolling workshops which we would PR as an event as well as get press to attend, therefore getting consumers and media the opportunity to quiz the experts and have more time to get into detail on a chosen topic. This is especially useful when niche angles are explored, for example – how runners can utilise foam rolling for a better PB.

Q&As and Interviews:

It goes without saying that there are always profile opportunities, where major news outlets want to hear from leading experts on relevant topics or points. Pitching Ten’s collective of experts for these is one of the best ways of ensuring that press understand the incredible team of people that support and help run a successful fitness and wellness business. We also ensure press get special private sessions with these experts, such as Ten’s Head of Clinical Adam Hewitt – in order to get a better view of how much knowledge their experts can offer article on fitness, health and wellness.

Finally, a note on the current climate and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected experts. The digital and social media support for experts sharing their insight and experience has been incredible. Never before has the world seen so many high-profile experts such as physios, trainers and clinical professionals offer virtual advice to the masses through one-on-one zoom calls or even Instagram Live takeovers. We ran a fitness-event recently with Time Out London, where Ten’s expert Pilates instructor and Head of Barre hosted a special ‘Mobilise and Stretch’ session via TimeOut’s Instagram TV. This had huge reach for the client and was great audience engagement for TimeOut! A Win-Win for the client and the publication, something every PR campaign and activity strives for.

Having a raft of insight and expert opinion on topical news agenda pieces is always one of the best methods for achieving success in press terms for brands. With experts comes credibility – something press will make column-inch space for!

If you have experts you would like to get in front of the media, we can help! Get in touch via: info@action-group.co.uk and we can offer consultancy, support and results.

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