Kindness in a Time of Coronavirus

How brands are helping the public find purpose and stress-relief with kind acts amidst the COVID-19 crisis

We’re living in a strange, unprecedented time. Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, the world is changing with people having to work around the new normal of self-isolation and virtual-only contact time.

With all this uncertainty, what the world needs and what the population is benefiting from are touches of kindness. Amidst all the devastating news, light comes in the form of kindness from individuals, communities and brands.

And with good reason too. When you’re kind to someone, it’s not just them that benefits – kindness makes you happier and healthier! The ‘Kindness Hormone’ Oxytocin is released into the system when kind acts are done. In fact, this is the main contributor to good heart health outside of exercise. And it’s contagious too (in a good way on this occasion!). Any small act of kindness you perform is proven to have a ripple effect that reaches over 100 more people!

Today we are sharing some of the acts of kindness our clients have been spreading over the last couple of weeks, to help boost the nation’s oxytocin levels while we navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone Active members help support the National Emergencies Trust

As gyms up and down the country closed following the Government’s instruction, Everyone Active quickly mobilised its community-focused membership to do good while keeping active.

The minute the gyms had to close, Everyone Active wrote to every member with ideas of how they and their families could keep active at home.  In addition, they offered people the chance to support local communities by donating 50% of their monthly membership straight to the National Emergencies Trust to support its fundraising appeal to help those most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

In the first weekend alone since the gym closures Everyone Active members have raised over £100,000 for the National Emergencies Trust. All who did this have been given free access to a suite of online activities worth £45 per month to help keep families fit, healthy and happy at home.

Everyone Active has also launched a suite of online offerings to help people stay active and healthy throughout this time for just £9.99 per month: Anyone can sign up here.

Gosh! delivers to local communities

Plant-based and free-from food brand, Gosh! has been helping local communities by delivering a fridge-full of Gosh! goodies to local charities in the Milton Keynes area to support the vulnerable and most in need individuals during this time.

With kindness being one of the brand’s main pillars, Gosh! has always encouraged its staff, customers and the nation to use kindness as currency and pay forward any act of kindness. It has shown generosity and warmth of spirit pay great dividends in an organic and heart-warming way.

Hammersmith Health Books provides a moment of calm for mothers-to-be

Pregnancy can be a stressful experience at the best of times. But given the current coronavirus pandemic and pregnant women being forced to self-isolate for at least 12 weeks, this is no doubt an incredibly difficult time for expectant mothers everywhere.

To show its support for mums-to-be, this week publisher Hammersmith Health Books held a social media giveaway of Preparing for Birth; a beautiful colouring book for expectant mums, created by experienced midwife Bridget Sheeran.

The first 10 people to reply received a copy of the book, with the hopes that the soothing experience of colouring will help alleviate some anxiety and offer much-needed comfort during this difficult time.

If you’re pregnant and have concerns about your stress levels, find out more about Bridget Sheeran’s book here.

Barrecore offers free online classes to all NHS staff

When the British Prime Minister ordered gyms and fitness studios to close doors temporarily last week, many fitness brands decided to take their offerings online – to ensure members of the public still had access to high-quality and live-streamed workout options, direct to living rooms across the globe.

Barrecore, London’s leading barre-fitness collective, took it one step further and is offering free on demand and live workout options to all NHS staff during the crisis. This is both to show the gratitude of the nation, but also to encourage all NHS workers to find a moment for themselves during these difficult times. As they put their own health and wellbeing on the frontline in the fight against this epidemic, Barrecore wants them to have access to a workout that is low-impact and has restorative qualities.

If you’re an NHS worker who would like to benefit from this offer, please email Barrecore directly at from your NHS email account.

Active IQ opens up its Skills Hub to all Fitness Professionals

Active IQ is opening up its online Skills Hub CPD and Medical Advisor training resources to all fitness professionals with immediate effect to help them make the most of their time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Through Skills Hub, fitpros can study a range of CPD courses online and enhance their knowledge by listening to webinars and podcasts. The CPD area includes diverse topics including, nutrition and dieting, bodyweight and functional training and exercise prescription including kettlebells and suspended movement training and online training techniques.

To find out more and register for the free access to the Skills Hub CPD and Medical Advisor sections, email

Active IQ’s GP & Chief Medical Advisor gives mental health advice:

Dr Dane Vishnubala, who co-wrote Active IQ’s Award in Mental Health Awareness training programme, has published his expert advice to help people manage at this difficult time. Here are three small tips to help you today:

Plan your day

“Having too much time on your hands can lead you to dwell too much and lead to feeling more anxious. Each evening plan for the next day. Ensure you include some time to exercise, call a friend or family member, catch up on work and, if possible, engage in a creative activity such as drawing or painting or doing some DIY.  Write your plan down and leave it where you will see it first thing in the morning: this will immediately give your day shape and purpose.”

Stay active

“Physical activity is great at reducing stress and anxieties, so do workouts at home: there are plenty of great online workouts to try for free.  Many are adapted so you don’t need much space or any equipment.  Remember to do exercises that get your heart and lungs working and get you out of breath. Aim towards 150 minutes a week. Also remember to do some resistance exercises: these are where you lift anything heavy or use your own body weight – such as doing press ups or squats – to fatigue your muscles.”

Try mindfulness/meditation

“Staying at home for extended periods of time and with others can be draining, tiring and affect your mood. Take quiet time away from others to clear your mind. Apps such as Headspace or Calm are great introductions to short focused meditations. Or simply lie down flat on your back, let your arms and legs go floppy and close your eyes.  Focus on your breathing and slow it down as much as you can.  Just let everything go for 5-10 minutes.  If you’re worried you may fall asleep, simply set an alarm so you can completely relax.  This is surprisingly refreshing!”

It is unclear how long the imposed self-isolation period will last. It is unclear how long businesses and individuals will have to adapt their models and lifestyles to help stop the spread of this virus. But what is clear is that kindness is key. With more kindness, the world will feel a deeper sense of connection and gratitude: together we will learn how to come through this crisis stronger and more positive.

If you are a health, fitness or wellbeing brand that requires additional consultancy, marketing, PR or comms support during the current crisis, please do get in touch via and let us help you!

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