How to maximise your brand photoshoot

The C-word. Content. It is still king, so it’s worth ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your shoots as possible, with these top tips from Action PR.

  • Tight briefs – no, not those ones…! Ensure you really spend time on the photography brief. Mood board, shot list, running order, props, looks, objectives, contact details, maps, logistics – no detail is too small. Ensure it’s shared in advance with the subject/models, client and makeup artist (MUA) as well as the photographer
  • What’s the USP of the shoot? Don’t replicate shoot concepts and themes for each client. What can you do that’s truly different? What are the images saying? Are they interesting/unique/funny/arresting? Are you creating images you would engage with?
  • Skills – ensure the models/subjects you use are up to the job. Stalk their Instagrams to see what they can do and what they look best doing. These can form a valuable part of the mood board and brief.
  • If you have multiple looks planned, ensure that you start with the simplest one. If you start with a complicated look, then you’ll be at the mercy of the time it takes to produce that. It can be very difficult to keep yourself and your team energized while waiting on makeup and hair prep that takes hours.
  • Get yourself someone who can do both – shoot video and stills in one go with a quality photographer who works at pace and can shoot movement.
  • Sneak preview – check shots all the way through, share with the subject too. It gets everyone fired up and you can see quickly what works and what doesn’t.
  • Location, location, location – get a venue that has multiple angles/spaces so you can create as much content that looks like it’s from as many different shoots as possible. Use your shoot to build a full bank of assets.
Creating great content
Photo by Marcel Grabowski
  • Fit for purpose – where are your shots going?  This will greatly affect the composition of the images. Landscape can be better for websites, square for Instagram, etc.
  • Get the rough cuts – raw footage and full image banks is crucial, especially if you are shooting for social media purposes.
  • Credit where it’s due – tag/credit everyone including the MUA, the snapper, the models and the venue as well as the brand.
  • Disclaimer – ensure you properly inform people of the shoot if you are using a public space, have release forms if you are using members of the public and ensure you have the appropriate access rights from the venue or public parks.
  • If you’re using an eminent celeb or person of note – get a selfie for the work ‘gram of course and share the images with them to post too. We’ve found if they like them, they will post more than they are contractually obliged to.

If you need help creating content for your own brand, get in touch. We can help!

Image credits: Marcel Grabowski

Models: Shakira Akabusi, Joey Duck, Chloe Madeley

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