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Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

This post was written by Richard Callender, an award-winning trainer, presenter, writer, athlete and good friend of Action PR. Recently, he teamed up with Point Blank, one of our amazing clients to create some stunning visuals for use on social media. We asked him to tell us a bit more about his approach to capturing a brand’s voice through great content. This is Part 2 in his two-part series. To read Part 1, click here.

Continuing from the previous blog post about preparation for the Point Blank (PB) social media campaign, it was vital to gain a basic knowledge about the products’ followers and targeted demographic. So I approached PB creator, Josh Thompson.   What I discovered was that in this territory, the product was still in its pre-launch phase, which gave me a slightly clearer canvas to work with as the customer range was still relatively wide and I could create imagery to cover a range of potential customer profiles.

Knowing, understanding and acting upon this information gave me a clearer idea of what kind of direction to take with planning a social media content day featuring both videography and photography working in unison.

Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

Let’s talk about storytelling for a moment. I believe that many of the greatest journeys, inventions and successes have become infamous not just because of the activity they are related to, but how the story was told afterwards.  Think: Sir Isaac Newton, apples and gravity.  You could also consider Sir Alexander Fleming, an accidental scientific breakthrough and penicillin. Or lastly, Sir Robert Dyson and his version of the classic vacuum cleaner.  The stories behind them have elevated the action and product to another level.  These are all next level compared to where we are with PB, but they all have amazing stories and the people were complicit in making their achievements attractive.

To cover a range of customer profiles I decided to try to tell the story of several athletes using PB to improve their execution of their activity and these included working with; boxers, calisthenics experts, bodybuilders, fitness athletes, kickboxers and models.

Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

I wanted viewers to relate to the individuals playing out their roles, followers of the sports to be enthused and excite potential consumers looking for something to add a percentage to their training performance.

Having worked with various brands and professionals over the years, I have developed an extensive ‘little black book’ of people who can assist with making my creative ideas a reality. In this case, I contacted Aether Digital for filming, Leanne Dixon for photography, Angel Faced MUA and used the newly updated Graftism gym in Watford as a location.  Going back to the previous blog where I discussed the P’s, this is where it was vital to have the right People for the roles I envisioned and this extended into the selection Process (another P) of me choosing the right candidate models for the footage.

The theory behind the stories was to have the individuals all preparing for their own unique activity, then match the music we had produced to create a ‘Point Blank Performance’ point in the middle where we could visually see them consume the product before going onto workout at a higher level.  The hardest part of the process was keeping a distinct difference between all the stories, whilst at the same time enabling the story to have a consistent theme and impact.

Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

As you watch the videos (coming soon!), look for the lighting differences, changes in tempo, camera angles and speed of transitions as they empower each story, giving a feeling of strength and power.  Elements we hope viewers will associate with the product, encourage them to visit the website to make a purchase from and complete the loop behind the entire strategy.

Shooting videography, while overlapping with photography, can be a recipe for disaster if not managed correctly in a small space and I’m so proud of the team for being so efficient in managing the production.

So, in short, always plan a campaign carefully to maximise your opportunities. Work with professionals who have experience, find the right locations, work within a budget and know who you are talking to with regard to your audience.

I hope you enjoy the blog/videos/photography and for further information on this or potentially working on other projects contact:

Richard Callender



Makeup: @angelfacedmakeup (IG)

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