Four Reasons You Should Enter Awards

Award win

No matter the size of your company, the benefit of winning an award extends far beyond the excitement of picking up a trophy on stage in your best evening attire. If you are debating whether or not to enter a particular award, look no further. We’ve built on our past post, which looked at how to write an award winning entry, to highlight the benefits a win can bring.

Maximising visibility of your brand

The PR opportunities that come with making an awards shortlist can put your business directly in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Awards generate publicity across a host of media, giving the opportunity to achieve local and national press, as well as social coverage.

A key tip to maximising press coverage is to share any articles about the awards and your successes on your social channels, using any associated hashtags and tagging relevant parties. This will help to promote your business to new customers, as well as increasing respect from your existing client base.

Increasing credibility

What better way to position your business as an expert in the industry, than to have your name in lights, a trophy in hand and an email signature full of award wins? Winning an award differentiates you from your competitors and can provide a real advantage when looking for new business. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate depth of knowledge and encourage potential clients to come knocking.

Re-evaluating and prioritising

Entry questions can be tricky, requiring you to think hard about what you have done specifically to stand out as a forward-thinking company that is making a real difference. Whilst this can be time consuming, it provides the opportunity to evaluate your work, pin-point successes and highlight areas which may have been overlooked. This allows you to keep moving your business forward in the following years, continuing to be innovative, diverse and strategic.

Also, if you don’t win, you can use the experience to consider what you could be doing better and identify how to do this. It might even prove more valuable than winning the award itself.

Boosting morale and attracting new talent

Winning an award can help boost morale and motivation within a company, acknowledging the hard work and achievements of staff. We all know happy staff make for a more productive workforce.

It can also help attract and retain new employees. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with an award-winning company?

Action PR boasts a track record of winning award entries written on behalf of our clients. Last year, we helped our client Active IQ land the award for Innovation of the Year in the FAB (Federation of Awarding Bodies) Awards, as well as Neurokinex who won Best Rehabilitation Facility of the Year in the National Fitness Awards.

This year, we are pleased to have helped a number of clients to get shortlisted in the ukactive awards:

  • Les Mills – Supplier of the Year
  • Everyone Active Westway – Kids Award
  • Everyone Active – Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • Everyone Active Westminster Lodge – Regional Finalists, and
  • Jo Hancock – Physical Activity Champion.


Winners will be determined by a judging panel and announced on 6th June at Active Uprising in Manchester with the exception of Physical Activity Champion of the Year which is determined by public vote. Please do show your support and vote for Jo now:

Do you need help writing your award entries? Get in touch. We can help.

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