Five Ways to Get Press Coverage for your Food and Drink Brand  

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We all need to eat and drink. However, more consumers these days are having, or choosing, to eat specific foods, or follow certain diets. While this can pose certain challenges, it can also present a myriad of opportunities for brands to show how their product can perfectly suit different diets or lifestyles. It doesn’t need to be complicated either. Some basic PR tactics are sometimes all you need.

Here are five efficient ways to market your food and drink brand.

Taste Test

Sending products to a journalist to try is one of the best ways of getting them to write about it. First, you must select the right journalists. Find out if they are interested in reviewing your product or would be able to write about it. This involves speaking to the journalist, whether sending them a pitch email, calling them, meeting them in person or even engaging on social media. Remember, taste tests are subjective. So, if the journalist doesn’t like the product, chances are that they will still write about it and give it a bad review. So, ensure the product is fresh and given to them how it is supposed to be served. This may mean going into their office and delivering them an experience.


Many publications want recipes. If you have an exciting recipe, or your product fits nicely into a well-known existing recipe, then this can be a great way of securing coverage. If you are providing the recipe and imagery, ensure the photography is high quality and matches the style of the publication.

Health Benefits

If your product has certain health benefits, or ingredients that are healthy, new or exciting, this can be a great selling point to journalists. Perhaps your product is great for a certain demographic or group of consumers. You can pitch these health benefits to the journalist to include any health focused articles they may be writing. We work with the plant-based food brand Gosh! food, who produce a variety of plant-based foods that are free-from the top 14 allergens. Two of their products are the burgers and falafels which are packed with beetroot – which contains a large amount of dietary nitrates which improves endurance performance. We have been successful in achieving coverage in the press, highlighting that athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking to improve their performance can do this with the Gosh! beetroot burgers and falafels.


There are dozens of food and beverage awards throughout the year; from blind taste-tests to product campaign categories. These are a great way of collecting accolades and driving awareness for your product. If your product secures a victory over a competitor, this a great angle to speak to press, especially if the competitor costs significantly more. Awards logos can subsequently be used on packs, highlighting to consumers that this is a fantastic, award-winning product.

Giveaways and Competitions

Most magazines and online titles run competitions. All you have to do is provide a certain value of product, and you can successfully gain the reach and engagement of hundreds of thousands of people. Depending on the publication, some competitions do come with additional costs, but the added benefit is receiving entrant information, and email addresses which can be added to marketing lists.

Do you have a healthy food or drink product that you want to get more press coverage for? Get in touch! We can help.

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