Do we all have FOGO? [Fear Of Gyms Opening]

Do we all have FOGO [FEAR OF GYMS OPENING] now we’re all pretty much personal trainers and at-home yoga experts since lockdown? 

Last week, athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica announced it would be buying the interactive home gym, Mirror, for an eye-watering $500 million. The deal comes as consumer shift to ‘working-in’ has become necessary during the pandemic, and fears towards working-out in gyms for germaphobes and some members. 

This behemoth partnership solidifies how seriously fitness companies are taking the working out inside habit – and how home fitness is now a legit contender for fitness junkies. We’ve gone from lifting cans of baked beans and smashing lightbulbs trying to learn inversions, to at-home fitness gurus, carving out yoga/fitness spaces in our homes and gardens. 

The digital interactive element is progressing apace, with many London based studio brands creating exciting augmented and virtual reality fitness solutions [stay tuned to our blog for some big news on that front soon…] 

Yoga and meditation has seen a real influx of apps and on demand programmes since the pandemic and operators are finding more ways to deepened the relationship with their members by offering online products that are key components to staying healthy – both mentally and physically – at home. 

We are working with all of our gyms to evolve as we see imminent opening dates, and fit the current needs of people and the pandemic, but it does seem that we are evolving, too. We have mastered our own bespoke fitness routines and practices with many of us realising we do not need, or want, to return the gym. It’s an interesting time to see how fitness behaviours develop, as many conversely miss the gym more than pubs, as they are reminded how much they rely on them for not just fitness, but the social aspect, and wanting their homes to remain places of solitude and relaxation.  

We are excited at the prospect of our beloved gyms and studios safely reopening, and equally thrilled to be at the forefront of such a tectonic and exciting time in the fitness sector, where innovation and technology are being integrated into apps and systems more than ever before. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more progressive developments and launches right here on the Action blog. 

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