Auster’s collective of brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can add real value to any business. Ambassadors are your men and women ‘on the ground’, who help to spread the word and show people your brand and products. A brand ambassador is not an influencer who you have paid to do a couple of social media posts in return for exposure. A real brand ambassador is fully on-board with you, believing in the product, or service you offer, and really getting under the skin of the brand. The partnership is usually a long-term one, and therefore it is important that the ambassador and the partner are aligned. Here’s how we created an awesome collection of brand ambassadors for premium fitness equipment brand Auster.

Identify your target consumer and market

Firstly, it is imperative to recognize who you are really trying to sell to; then you can begin to identify which ambassadors to approach. Whilst there might be some crossover, there is not much point in having an American competitive hotdog eater as one of your fitness ambassadors for the UK.

Select a variety of suitable ambassadors

Auster equipment is extremely versatile, and it can be used by fitness beginners, or Calisthenic professionals. It is perfect for people wanting to workout at home, in the park or taken to the gym and equally as suitable for individual and small group PT sessions.

We identified some top Personal Trainers, such as Lewis Paris Fitness, Enrico Argentin and even trainer to professional footballers Alex Parsons and gifted them a set in a colour of their choice. We gave them a session with the Auster Master Trainer to show them how to setup and use the equipment. By choosing Personal Trainers, it allows Auster to be put in the hands of many people around the country. With the high-quality and beautiful, detailed design of the equipment we knew that as soon as people saw it and used it, they would love it.

We reached out and chose some highly talented Calisthenics athletes such as Juan Forgia, Mr Pep and weighted Calisthenics champion Denton Conteh. Choosing these incredible athletes enabled us to have some amazing content created using Auster equipment. It also allowed Auster to enter the bodyweight training community, showing the versatility of the product and how it is the equipment of choice for champions.

The variety of ambassadors enabled us to create a large spread of content, from awe-inspiring Ring exercises from the pros, to simple group PT sessions; it showed the range of possibilities with Auster equipment. We could reach people all around the country, in all walks of life and show them just how good Auster is.

Take a look at the Auster website here, and check out their beautiful Instagram page here.

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