Building a brand identity for Repose


At Action we know that having a strong brand identity is the key to differentiating yourself from your competition and building a loyal following from your members. We concept and deliver myriad brand components to achieve this, including unique slogans, compelling aesthetic assets, brand wording, tone, colour schemes and culture that resonate strongly with members. 

We have a strong history of creating dynamic, ownable assets for numerous boutique studios and national fitness brands. Our most recent project was a premium wellness and fitness emporium: Repose Space, in London’s discerning borough of Kensington.

We needed to concept not just a brand look and feel, but an identity and subsequent ecosystem, culture and community for the studio, elevating it above its competitors.

With the physical space as yet not completed, we needed to deliver a suite of assets that would present the ethos, aesthetic and intent of the brand, as well as building anticipation of launch across social and digital platforms, without unveiling the physical space itself.

We selected a small pool of models with genuine fitness talent that tessellated with the three core class offerings at Repose. Using a mix of straight-up models and genuine Repose instructors that will be leading the disciplines of aerial yoga, Pilates and EMS training.

Rather than recreate a studio setting that would not reflect the final space, we hired a clean white space studio with high spec lighting options with the emphasis on bodily beauty and form, taking cues from fashion brands, to create style-led assets that would appeal to the ABC1 demographic of future members. We worked seamlessly with our photographer and client to understand and deliver assets that share the same creative desire, ensuring our visions match and ultimately impress.

We shot fluid, sinewy images for aerial yoga and Pilates with diverse models and instructors styled with garments of pastel, earthy tones to convey strength and calm along with long lines and emphasis of the musculature of the models. Aerial yoga silks were hung from the rafters of the studio, creating intoxicating, ethereal silhouettes, conveying the rhythm and flow of the discipline itself.

The EMS images needed to convey a wholly different approach, while remaining cohesively part of the set, with a high octane, dynamic veneer. We used sleek, black body suits with poses of steely intent from our models.

Our scope of work extends far beyond just the cosmetic for Repose, we are responsible for all web copy writing, management resourcing, pricing structure, advertising and social media which enables us to have a full understanding and feel for the brand rather than simply affixing an aspirational brand aesthetic.

Keep your eye on @repose_space on Instagram and  to see the results…

Get in touch if you are looking to create an arresting and bespoke image for your fitness or wellness brand.

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