DIY Approach to Dynamic Fitness Content with Action Group

During this dystopian version of life at the moment – we have all become purveyors of, well, everything. We are our own PT’s, cleaners, chefs, interior designers…you name it, we’ve become Jacks and Jills of all trades as Covid has forced us to become completely self-sufficient, learning new skills and disciplines like never before. 

Here at Action, we as a company have also broadened our skill sets, and instead of outsourcing content creation and production, we do it all in house as part of the full marketing mix of services we offer. We have always produced beautiful content, but we now create GIF’s like for our client fitness backpack brand Built for Athletes, short and long form video like for our client equipment provider Auster Fitness, plus dramatic and arresting imagery and sizzle reels using our own venues, models and props. 

We have successfully concepted and created socially distanced content using stunning outdoor locales in our home towns and client studios, pools and gyms meaning there is no lengthy and arduous planning and booking process in securing venues, navigating tricky logistics or finding talented models. We have it all sewn up. 

Take a look at our sizzle reel below and get in touch for slick, dynamic and hassle-free content services via 

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